How It Works

We’ve designed a process for creating a customized plan of things to do in Vermont, but without you having to do all of the work. We can tailor an experience for any individual traveler, couple, family or small group. Here’s how it works:

Your choice: Hourly Consultation or Multi-Day Package

You have the option of purchasing a complete multi-day trip planning package, or you may choose to work with us on an hourly basis to do whatever will meet your particular needs and budget. Click here to view our Fee Structure.

Step One: You complete a brief online interview.

The first step is to find out more about you, so that we can customize the recommendations we provide. You’ll answer a series of questions to help us understand your goals for the trip, your preferences and personal needs, and any particular interests or experiences you would like to pursue while you’re in Vermont. Online payment for our basic concierge services will be collected when your personal Online Interview is submitted.

Step Two: We go to work.

Based on the preferences you’ve indicated in your online interview, we’ll do the research, tap into our extensive planning resources and make additional inquiries to develop your best options for the specific dates and region of Vermont that you plan to visit. We’ll compile a personalized list of things to do in Vermont that fit your interests and travel style, organized to make the best use of your time.

Step Three: We discuss our initial recommendations together.

We’ll contact you either by email or phone (whichever you prefer) to discuss our ideas, so you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and make requests. At this point, we can also determine if you would like us to make any additional arrangements or preparations on your behalf.

Step Four: You receive a personalized Vermont Experiences e-Guidebook.

If you purchase a multi-day planning package, we will prepare an e-Guidebook for you that provides a handy reference tool for your trip. It will include details of your desired itinerary, confirmation of any arrangements we have made on your behalf, and tailored Google maps and directions to assure easy navigation. Activities are usually grouped geographically to help make the most efficient use of your time, but once you arrive in Vermont you will be able to decide what to do and when you’ll do it. The Handbook also describes the weather you can expect for the dates of your trip, estimated costs for each activity or arrangement, a section on “In an Emergency”, and some tips on “where the locals go”.

You will also be provided with the personal cell phone number of one of our client service representatives, so that you can call if you should require emergency assistance or advice during your visit.

Personal Concierge Services

If requested, we will also be happy to make the following arrangements for you:

* lodging and restaurant reservations
* vehicle rental or car/limousine service
* entertainment & event tickets
* outdoor guide services
* gear or equipment rental
* private class instructors
* spa appointments
* special needs

Please note: We cannot book flight arrangements, but we would be happy to recommend appropriate connections if that would be helpful.

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