Terms of Agreement

We want your experience with us to be as easy and efficient as possible, so we encourage you to read these terms, which will apply to our transactions with you. By using this site, you are accepting our terms of use. If you have any questions about any of the information below, please Contact Us.

Payment Terms
Vermont Experiences provides personalized trip consulting services on a pre-paid basis.  We accept all major credit or debit cards for payment. Your account will be billed for either our Basic Trip Consultation Package (and any Additional Itinerary Days requested) or Personal Concierge Services at the time that you submit your “Take the First Step” interview and submit your personal and credit/debit card information on our website.

Our Trip Consultation services will be initiated only after your full payment has been verified by our secure online payment processor.  Occasionally, we receive incorrect billing or credit card account information that can delay the process. In these cases, Vermont Experiences will attempt to contact you, using the information you provide on our website.  If we are unable to reach you through the contact method you have provided to us, we may need to cancel your request.

Service fees for any Personal Concierge Services you request beyond the initial 1-hour minimum will be billed to your account once the arrangements have been completed.  No Personal Concierge Services will be performed or fees charged to you unless you have provided us with an e-mail or other Internet-based request for the additional services you would like us to perform, for the fees we have quoted for you.

Vermont Experiences will not bill you for the actual cost of the services or amenities we may arrange or reserve for you, such as hotel room charges, restaurant meals, vehicle rental costs or guide service fees; you will make direct payment to the providers according to their own payment terms.  Vermont Experiences will only bill you for the cost of the actual amenity in instances where we must make advance payment on your behalf, such as acquiring tickets to concerts or special events. (Please note: bank regulations prohibit us from making advance payments on your behalf more than 90 days prior to your visit.)

Although independent providers may require you to furnish them with your credit or debit card number in order to guarantee any reservations we have made on your behalf, all credit or debit card payments submitted through the Vermont Experiences website are processed through a secure online payment system, so we will never have access to your credit card information.

Refund Policy
Because we will most likely begin work on your plan soon after you have submitted your online interview and payment, all fees collected are non-refundable.  For the same reason, even if you decide to cancel your travel plans at a later date, we will be unable to refund the fees for the services we have already provided.

If requested, Vermont Experiences will arrange for reservations, rentals or tickets on your behalf.  Since we do not manage the businesses or venues that will actually be providing those items or services for you, we have no control over the inventory or availability for the dates you have requested.  We will do our very best to deliver exactly what you have requested and if that is not available we will endeavor to find you a suitable alternative.

Limits to Liability
The hotels, restaurants, guides and any other service providers recommended or contracted by Vermont Experiences on behalf of our clients are independent contractors and not agents or employees of Vermont Experiences or its affiliates.  Vermont Experiences and its affiliates are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any such suppliers or for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting therefrom.  Vermont Experiences and its affiliates have no liability and will make no refund in the event of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, or other causes beyond their direct control, and they have no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays, re-routing or acts of any government or authority.

If, notwithstanding the foregoing, Vermont Experiences or any its affiliates should be found liable for any loss or damage which arises out of or is in any way connected with any of the functions described above, the liability of Vermont Experiences shall in no event exceed the fees for services charged to the client.

You shall defend and indemnify Vermont Experiences and its affiliates against any claim, cause of action or demand, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, brought by or on your behalf in excess of the liability described here.

Use of your personal information
We respect your privacy.  Vermont Experiences does not sell or rent information about our clients to third parties for any purpose.  We will only share client information with our authorized service providers that perform certain services or functions on your or our behalf, to appropriate governmental authorities as required by law, or when our records indicate that an individual or company may be engaged in fraud or other deceptive practices or where your communication suggests possible harm to others. Otherwise, your information is for our internal use only.

Our websites are not set up to track, collect or distribute personal information not entered by visitors (we do not use “cookies”). Site logs do generate certain types of non-identifying usage data, such as the number of hits and visits to our website. This information is used to evaluate site performance and to improve service.